Online Notice of Arrival Application Now Available

Notice of Arrival (NOA) submission application. This method provides a Submitter with the means for managing vessel arrival information online, and automatically sends an output file containing arrival information to the National Vessel Movement Center (NVMC). NOAs submitted via this method will constitute the offical NOA. Duplicate submittal through other means will not be required. You may access this online submittal site by clicking the Submit NOA Online button in the NVMC menu bar on the NVMC web site (

The submittal site is optimized for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer, but will work sufficiently with Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, and Apple's Safari browsers. As with many Internet sites, connection speed via an Internet Service Provider (ISP) will determine how fast the site loads and operates. The site currently only supports initial NOA submissions and is not intended or configured for updates to previously submitted NOAs. When you create a user account and first log on, an empty Menu screen will be displayed. Please read the instructions provided. Previously submitted NOAs can be reused by clicking the Copy link in the Previously Entered NOAs list box. Doing so will copy all previously submitted information for that NOA except for Arrival information. When using the Copy function, please check all other fields to ensure the data is accurate and applicable to the current ship and arrival. Each new NOA created will be counted as a new, separate record in the Previously Entered NOAs list box. Once a NOA is submitted, the output file will be returned to our server, where the NVMC will validate the contents and send a reply via email confirming the receipt of the online submission. If there is any missing information, the Submitter will be notified via the email receipt and asked to provide it as soon as possible.

NVMC strongly recommends the use of USCG-formatted NOA methods. When filled out completely and submitted properly, NOAs submitted either online or via the NOA Workbook provide all of the information required by Federal Regulation 33 CFR Part 160 (Notification of Arrival). The submission of a completed NOA report significantly improves the likelihood that there will be fewer problems with NOA submittals, and will lessen the possibility that a vessel will be delayed or denied entry into a port.

For more information, contact:

USCG Navigation Center
7323 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22315
United States